Kickstarter: The Best Support for Ambitious Students

“Kickstarter, originally designed for top-class didgeridoo players, is now recommended as the world’s easiest didgeridoo for beginners.”

“Putting Students at the Heart of the Concept”

If you’re not satisfied, simply return it. No questions asked!

Choosing your first didgeridoo might seem daunting, but fear not, it’s simpler than you think. The challenge lies in selecting an instrument that truly supports your learning journey, especially when mastering complex techniques like circular breathing. It’s crucial to assess the quality-to-price ratio, particularly when on a tight budget.

If you’ve already invested in an inexpensive didgeridoo from a large online retailer, you may have encountered difficulties, if not impossibilities, in mastering circular breathing. While the initial price may have been tempting, it could lead to the need for a more expensive replacement or even abandonment of the instrument altogether.

Conversely, you may have encountered didgeridoos with hefty price tags. While some may justify their cost, it’s not always the case, especially for beginners. Instead, consider investing in lessons and saving for a well-informed instrument choice in the future. Write us and book a private lesson with Andrea Ferroni.

But enough chatter—let’s focus.

Right now, you need a didgeridoo that’s easy to play yet versatile, suitable for various techniques used by experienced musicians. While some may promise otherwise, there’s no one-size-fits-all instrument.

Here’s what I propose:

ONE MODEL: KickStarter – the best shape ever for starting playing
THREE MATERIALS: Black fiberglass / Fir natural wood / Chestnut natural wood – to fit your own taste
ONE KEY: E – one of the most flexible key for playing several techniques
Length: 160cm
Bell Diameter: 8cm
Mouthpiece Diameter: 30mm – NO WAX or maintenance is necessary!

Proudly designed by Didgeridoo Windproject Since 2003!

Kick Starter from Fiberglass

This lightweight, budget-friendly option ensures worry-free travels with its resilience to temperature and humidity changes. Trusted by professionals, it’s a top choice among seasoned didgeridoo players.
Trust your ears! While beginners may think materials affect a didgeridoo’s sound, it’s the inner shape that matters.
Save money and get the best didgeridoo for ambitious students today!

Price: 219€ plus shipping
Includes complimentary “Windproject Didgeridoo” CD

Kick Starter from Fir

Fir, commonly found in the Alps where our didgeridoos are meticulously crafted, boasts an exceptional cost-to-quality ratio.
Perfect for players craving the tactile warmth of wood, it delivers a deeply enriching playing experience. With our small-scale production and this choice, you’ll receive nothing short of the world’s finest didgeridoo, offering unparalleled support as you master new techniques.

Price: 259€
Includes complimentary “Windproject Didgeridoo” CD

TOP Starter from Chestnut

This choice offers a tactile experience with sturdy chestnut wood from nearby valleys. Its unique blond color and distinct grain make it truly exceptional.
The sound matches the renowned KickStarter power and brightness, but the craftsmanship and finish are truly works of art.
The wood is responsibly sourced in compliance with Italian regulations.

Price: 439€
Includes complimentary “Windproject Didgeridoo” CD

Order Now or Inquire for More Information

Our didgeridoos are meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail. While we endeavor to maintain availability, your assistance is invaluable in expediting delivery of your new didgeridoo. Reach out with any inquiries or to schedule a call, where we’ll provide all the necessary details to aid your decision-making process. We eagerly anticipate speaking with you.

Top Sound Features

World’s Highest Knowledge: In 2023, Andrea Ferroni, the Kickstarter didgeridoo designer and maker, published a 160-page book titled “The Didgeridoo Sound Design,” soon to be available in English and German. It is the world’s greatest book on didgeridoo making.

Ease of Play: It’s incredibly easy to play, making it a significant aid for mastering circular breathing and executing complex techniques.

Breath Control: You’ll avoid running out of breath, feeling fatigued, and experiencing the frustration of wanting to learn while your instrument doesn’t cooperate.

The guarantee of your best choice.

Experience unrivaled quality, versatility, and affordability in every KickStarter Didgeridoo.


Investing in a didgeridoo for beginners is the most significant decision you can make right now.
Opting for something extremely cheap, or worse, overpriced but unsuitable for you, risks dampening your passion and love for this instrument.
Later on, you might find yourself regretting not investing in a quality didgeridoo from the start.
Remember, we guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.

KickStarter Didgeridoo Referrals

Endorsement: It’s a choice of esteemed musicians such as Paride Russo (IT), Fiorino Fiorini (IT/AUS), Carlo Cattano (E/TR), Mark Atkins (AUS), Filippo Yidaki (IT), along with numerous other renowned artists and, importantly, countless beginners worldwide.

Free Resources: Windproject, the brand behind the KickStarter Didgeridoo, provides complimentary online resources for students and enthusiasts. These include a comprehensive book titled “The Didgeridoo Discovery,” articles available on, instructional video tutorials on YouTube, and access to the Facebook group “DIDGERIDOO FORUM ITALIA.”

All the warranties you need!

Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty. Three further years if requested
Return Policy: You can return it within 30 days (shipping excluded). If you wish to return it after this period, please contact us, and we can assist you in selling it independently or arrange for its return.

Support: In case of any doubts about your new didgeridoo, or if you encounter challenges while learning, need fresh ideas for playing, or simply seek advice, drop us a mail. We’re here to:
– Provide support and offer tips for your didgeridoo.
– Direct you to the freely available online resources we’ve created.
– Respond promptly via email or WhatsApp.
– Suggest scheduling an online meeting if your inquiries require more detailed assistance.

Worried About Studying Alone?

With our 20 years of experience, we’ll take you on a delightful and smooth journey into the world of the didgeridoo, making learning both simple and fun.


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