This lightweight, budget-friendly option ensures worry-free travels with its resilience to temperature and humidity changes. Trusted by professionals, it’s a top choice among seasoned didgeridoo players.
Trust your ears! While beginners may think materials affect a didgeridoo’s sound, it’s the inner shape that matters.
Save money and get the best didgeridoo for ambitious students today!

Price: 219€ plus shipping
Includes complimentary “Windproject Didgeridoo” CD

Availability: 3 in stock


Sound sample, with several techniques played by Andrea Ferroni, Sound designer, Researcher, and Didgeridoo maker.

A great video from Turkey, with Carlo Cattano – didgeridoo player, Metehan Çiftçi – Santur

Filippo Yidaki shows some traditional and contemporary techniques:

Paride Russo describes (in Italian) and plays on of the first Kickstarters made in 2005

Every didgeridoo comes with a complimentary audio CD:


Below you find the reviews from a few satisfied customers who describe the feeling with the KickStarter.



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