Fir, commonly found in the Alps where our didgeridoos are meticulously crafted, boasts an exceptional cost-to-quality ratio.
Perfect for players craving the tactile warmth of wood, it delivers a deeply enriching playing experience. With our small-scale production and this choice, you’ll receive nothing short of the world’s finest didgeridoo, offering unparalleled support as you master new techniques.

Price: 259€
Includes complimentary “Windproject Didgeridoo” CD

Availability: 3 in stock


Sound sample, with several techniques played by Andrea Ferroni, Sound designer, Researcher, and Didgeridoo maker.

A video explanation about the KickStarter peculiarities:

Still undecided? Would you like to listen to a quick test comparing the KickStarter to other budget-friendly instruments available online?

Every didgeridoo comes with a complimentary audio CD:



Below you find the reviews from a few satisfied customers who describe the feeling with the KickStarter.



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